Parga is a picturesque resort situated between the coastal region of Preveza and Igoumenitsa, unique combination of mountain and sea.  There are many beaches, coves and small islands along the beautiful beach of Parga. The beautiful beach in the center of town called Kryoneri, the most popular, large and incredible beach in the Valto, very relaxing, beautiful beach Lichnos is only one piece of the beauty that has a coastline of Parga.

One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places in northwestern Greece, the "Bride of Epirus", the beautiful Parga causes you to live up close its long history, its diverse natural beauty and hospitality of its inhabitants.

The narrow cobblestone streets, the flowery neighborhoods and the traditional taverns give their own color in the idyllic landscape of Parga. Visitors have the opportunity to choose between sandy beaches and other smaller, generously offered a sense of serenity and natural beauty of the seascape.


Parga is known from the early 13th century. In 1401 signed a treaty with the Venetians in whom had passed sovereignty of Ionian Islands. The Venetians respected the Pargians lifestyle and Parga provided invaluable assistance to the fleet of the Venetians. At the same time fought alongside compatriot them so to throw off the Ottoman yoke. As Parga was the only free Christian city of Epirus, was a refuge for persecuted fighters and their families.

In 1817, following a treaty between England and the Ottoman Empire, Parga given by the English to the Ottomans.  This resulted in the Good Friday 18 19, 4000 Pargians having with them the ashes of the bones of their ancestors, their sacred images, their flags and a handful of soil from their homeland, take the path of refugee and installed to Corfu. We had to wait almost 100 years for this. In 1913, after the liberation of Ioannina, Parga  released, too.